Acquiring Reputable Teen Workers

Ever since the beginning of Community Butler I knew acquiring reputable teen workers was going to be a challenge. Community Butler‘s whole business platform is for homeowners to hire teens on our web based platform, so they may complete simple jobs like yard work or moving help, for homeowners on their own time. As I started hiring teens, I suddenly realized I had no idea how I would tackle the issue of hiring reliable teen workers. Hopefully, coming from hours of meetings with our investors and researching other sources, I have learned and developed a vetting system in which, should be successful.

Community Butler’s lifeblood is our workers, they are the people that show up to your door and are quite literally the face of Community Butler. Our goal is to put clothes on the back of hard working young teens, by providing a platform in which they can gain entrepreneurial experience by taking initiative in their working habits. These teens would also be lowering the teen unemployment rate, therefore, increasing hyper local economic growthCommunity Butler lowers the unemployment rate by hiring teens that would not be otherwise employed, many of these students are athletes and can not hold set scheduled jobs. The Chicago Tribune reports that “About 45 percent of teens held a job in 2000, that plummeted after the Dot-Com boom, after only about a quarter of teenagers held jobs. In 2014 the rate of teen employment inched up slightly to 27 percent”, these numbers are plain unacceptable. Community Butler‘s goal is to reverse these stubborn unemployment statistics in a hyper-local level.

At Community Butler we have tried many things as a team to validate our workers. We tried using personal friends at Barrington High School, which worked very well until the fall sports season came upon us and workers were suddenly becoming harder to find.Community Butler has adapted in order to reach out to alternate people within the High School so we may reach more customers.

Prior to now, we had very little to no marketing to our butlers, they naturally came to our via our friend group. Now Community Butler faces a new bridge to cross, among tons of administrative work, we must now market to our butlers. Our plan is to make a videos to our butlers, outlining the perks of signing up for us and some of the various activities they will be doing and putting them on school resources including “BHS TV’. Also explaining that we are have reputable background and extremely flexible hours for our workers. Within the following weeks we hope to get flyers put up and approved by the school to achieve our goal of fifty reputable butlers.

The personal interviews will come next after getting applications from the workers. I break the hiring process into 3 easy stepsFirst, the team and I constantly cross reference these workers with what we know and what their friends know, we do not hire “bad apples”. Second, we ask our butlers simple questions like past experiences, also what would make them a candidate for a position at our company. Third, we do not hire on the spot, we narrow down our choices so workers are competing for positions, this eliminates our risk of being too hungry for workers and making the wrong decisions. If the student is truly involved, has a great background, and is physically able to complete our simple tasks, we will most likely hire the student. Inspiration for our 3 step process can be directly linked to Dando’s article on hiring workers.

Furthermore beyond the interview, we have tossed around the idea to incorporate uniforms for our butlers or a dress code. Community Butler is a “high-class” company and should be represented accordingly. The acquiring process for a workers is a never changing process and especially when problems arise I will be forced to change the interview process. The Community Butler team looks forward to growing our company both in customers and in employees, but to serve customers you must have employees!


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